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Working together to put the right spin on a Fort Myers Beach classic.

#01 Mission Objective:

Redevelop the Lani Kai Island Resort website to achieve the following goals:

  • Drive more direct bookings
  • Bring user experience up to par with modern design trends
  • Redesign website to best match the personality of the hotel in order to attach their most profitable target audience

#02 Client Background:

The Lani Kai Island Resort opened in 1977 being one of the first resorts on Fort Myers Beach. This resort was the dream of Robert & Grace Conidaris. They wanted to create a piece of paradise for all their guests and the island community. Making a place where the fun never had to stop is what the Lani Kai is all about.

The Lani Kai property is home to 3 restaurants; the Island View, Sun Deck and Sabal Palm Bar & Grill. Each restaurant has their own unique style and menu. Along with the restaurants, the Lani Kai has 2 beach bars, local vendor stores and an on-site nightclub; Club Ohana.

When many people think of Fort Myers Beach, they think of the Lani Kai.


#03 Website Analysis:

The Lani Kai Island Resort had recruited our help to initially solve the issue of indirect bookings. This was a serious issue as nearly 60% of guests were booking with websites such as and Expedia. However, additional problems with the website caught our attention during the analysis. These additional issues had strong correlation to the increase of indirect bookings.

Web Design:

The design of the Lani Kai Island Resort website was visually messy and disorganized. Issues varied from overuse of solid color, page layout not being consistent, images and sections scaled unevenly, and even typos. Not only was the website outdated; it showed signs that it was poorly designed and mismanaged from the very beginning. 

This alone greatly affected the client’s chance of gaining new customers as first impressions are made quickly based solely on the look of a website.

Structurally, the website was faulty with repeating pages and maze-like navigation making it difficult for users to find desired information. Digging deeper, we also found that all webpages were not fully optimized with SEO description and keywords which has provided a major disadvantage as there are many competing resort and hotels on Fort Myers Beach.

On top of that, responsive design was not efficiently utilized or even considered. Looking into the Lani Kai’s Google Analytics, it was clear that this was effecting direct bookings as within a 12 month period more than 50% of web visits were coming directly from mobile phones.

Click Here to view the old Lani Kai Island Resort website )

Target Audience:

Looking beyond the site and into reviews of the hotel, one common phrase kept popping up within all the negative reviews:

‘this wasn’t what I expected’.

Within the design and language of the our client’s website, they mixed together conflicting messages of what the hotel is. On one page, the Lani Kai is a family friendly vacation resort. On another page, the Lani Kai is a 24/7 spring breaker paradise. Their message was not consistant due to the variety of guests that come to the resort and the attempt to cater to all of them.  With the millennials and college kids the Lani Kai get coming to their property frequently they also have Southwest Florida locals, families with young kids and elderly couples who have been long time visitors of the Lani Kai.

The name of the game when it comes to true [spring break] partying in Fort Myers is and shall remain Lana Kai.

#04 Mission Strategy:

Before development on a new website could begin, the message of who the clients target audience was had to made clear. After a number of meeting, we decided to focus the new website to their largest and most lucrative demographic; College students & Millennials. 

Since it’s opening, the Lani Kai Island Resort has stood the test of time and has always been known for their party atmosphere, unique style and above all else their Spring Break celebrations. The design and language of the new website would focus on attracting the ‘partying’ demographic.

Completely redesigning the website was a requirement. Every element from fonts and colors to content language and structure of pages needed to go through reconsideration and development to most effectively attract users. This massive undertaking would provide a clear, easy to navigate and visually unique website for the Lani Kai Island Resort to reach their target audience and gain more direct bookings.

#05 Outcome:

In the redesign of the Lani Kai Island Resort website, we expanded and muted the color palette to give the resort look fun and lively without being too harsh. We made sure not to overuse the color and added more whitespace to give the content breathing room. 

The language of the copy and type of images changed to better focus on terms such as ‘party’, ‘lively’ and ‘energetic’ to show visitors to the website clearly what type of resort the Lani Kai is. Each restaurant page has been styled different with its own color palette and imagery to help best show off the experience and unique styles of each property.

The number of pages on the website dropped from an overwhelming 64 pages to an easier to manage 34 pages. With less repeating content, the Lani Kai is providing clear and concise information to its target demographic. 

We also fully optimized all the pages with SEO keyword and descriptions and reduced image sizes to help with page loading speeds. Every page on the newly designed Lani Kai website has been responsively designed to ensure visitors will have a complete experience on both mobile phones and tablet devices.

With the project complete the Lani Kai Island Resort has to tuned up to draw in the party people.

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