Bay Inn at the Lani Kai

Bay Inn at
the Lani Kai

Creating a dedicated website for an tranquil hotel experience in Fort Myers Beach.

#01 Mission Objective:

Design and build a Bay Inn at the Lani Kai website in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Separate the Bay Inn brand from the Lani Kai Island Resort brand
  • Divert traffic from Lani Kai Island Resort website to the new Bay Inn website based on demographic
  • Show that the Bay Inn as a ‘relaxing’ property in comparison to the Lani Kai Island Resort

#02 Client Background:

Created as a complimentary property to the Lani Kai Island Resort;  the Bay Inn at the Lani Kai was made by Robert & Grace Conidaris as a means to play host to long-term guests. 

Situated by Mantanzas Harbor, the Bay Inn provides guests a quieter atmosphere from the Island Resort; with outdoor seating and a private dock for guests to use. Those who stayed at the Bay Inn also have complete access to all property amenities of the Island Resort at no additional cost.

The Lani Kai Island Resort property is home to 3 restaurants; the Island View, Sun Deck and Sabal Palm Bar & Grill. Each restaurant has their own unique style and menu. Along with the restaurants, the Island Resort has 2 beach bars, local vendor stores and an on-site nightclub.

#03 Project Analysis:

The Lani Kai recruited our help to create a dedicated website for their Bay Inn property. 

What lead to this project was the issue of sending the Bay Inn’s target demographic to the Island Resort website. They found that doing this confused their potential guests as the properties have two completely different personalities and demographics. On the one hand, the Island Resort is best described as ‘party central’ with the target demographic being young adults and college students between the ages of 21 to 30. On the other hand, the Bay Inn is a calming and relaxing property with the target demographic being older guests aged 35+ and families with younger children.

In order to find the best solution, we at North Star Media worked alongside with the Lani Kai marketing team to find the unique differences between their two properties and what they wanted to see in the Bay Inn website.

#04 Mission Strategy

After numerous meetings with the Lani Kai marketing team, we agreed to applying the following to the new Bay Inn website in order to achieve their goals:

Simple & Clean Layout:

In order to show the Bay Inn’s target demographic the relaxing atmosphere of the property, applying a simpler layout for the website was a must. 

Utilizing more whitespace along with complementary images of the environment would help make the property look peaceful as oppose to the busy and lively nature of the Island Resort.  On top of that, a new font set was selected to enhance the layout. A combination of Monsterret and Raleway is perfect for providing clear information without drawing too much visual attention. 

New Colors:

We agreed that in order to best show the differences between the two Lani Kai properties, applying a new color palette would be needed. The new colors needed to best reflect the tranquil nature of the Bay Inn.

Fortunately, during the time-frame of our meetings the Bay Inn had finished being remodeled. We decided after the remodeling to use the new color palette of the room’s decor for the Bay Inn website. 

The main inspiration for the color palette was these beautiful throw pillow and beach bag:

Different Language:

A key element in making this website project successful would be the implementation of the right language. 

Vital for organic growth of the website, choosing the right language will help user looking a ‘calm and relaxing’ vacation in Fort Myers Beach be able to find the Bay Inn immediately. The fact that the Bay Inn originally sat within the Island Resort website meant that it would be nearly impossible for users who were not direct traffic users to find the Bay Inn since the SEO of the Island Resort was tailored to a completely different target demographic.

The language used for the Island Resort website was terms such as ‘lively’, ‘energetic’, ‘party’ and ‘nightlife’ just to name a few. With the Bay Inn property, the language had to be the polar opposite; focusing on keywords such as ‘relaxing’, ‘oasis’, ‘unwind’, ‘tranquil’ and ‘soothing’. 

#05 Outcome:

Using the Lani Kai pages as the foundation, we created 17 pages which explore both the Bay Inn and the property amenities available for guest at the Island Resort. 

In comparison to the Island Resort website, the Bay Inn has been clearly designed to be less busy. With the Island Resort, the design concept was to use a pattern of full-width images to white columns and repeat. Whereas, with the Bay Inn website used very little full-width elements and allowed the whitespace to take over, making the atmosphere less intense and more peaceful.

At North Star Media, we strive on making every page fully optimized with effective SEO keyword and descriptions. Scatter throughout the copy of every page we have added a multitude of keywords which will help new users find the Bay Inn during Google searches. The website has been designed to ensure visitors can have a complete experience on mobile phones and tablet devices.

The Bay Inn at the Lani Kai now has a dedicated location for users to get more concise information about the Bay Inn without clutter and the overshadowing of it’s larger sister property leading to more direct bookings at the Bay Inn.

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